About Christian Heath
Christian Heath is an SAT & ACT Prep tutor from Austin, Texas who graduated from Pomona College in 2009 and started his own tutoring company in 2011 before he even had his first physical office.

Christian is a world-renowned SAT Prep tutor and multi-textbook author who helps high school students get massively higher SAT scores & confidence through online lessons from your home. 

He has personally achieved multiple perfect SAT scores and logged over 12,000+ tutoring hours working with 1,500+ successful students. In a crowded prep market, Christian's textbooks and tutoring company are consistently rated above 4.5 out of 5 stars by dozens and dozens of real high school students and their parents. 

Christian's students are some of the most successful test takers in the world and he has helped them gain astonishing SAT score improvements that broaden their opportunities for colleges, scholarships, and careers.
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